Augmented Reality

AR done the way it should be. Without an app!

At Purple Realtime we are passionate about pushing forward what is possible. AR without an app enables people to engage with augmented content and gives users a more natural interaction.

We are excited to offer organisations an innovative way to communicate with their customers and employees.

There are many ways of using AR to communicate;

  • Sending key messages to remote teams that are distinctive and memorable.
  • Deliver interactive training.
  • Enhance virtual meetings by bringing 3D slides into Home Offices.
  • Create conversation starters at live events.
  • Strengthen brands using 3D objects.
  • A springboard for a call to action (learn more, share on social media, buy a product, etc.)

Key advantages

  • No app to download
  • Natural way to interact with AR content
  • Speedy content changes – no app store review periods
  • Embed into different types of marketing
  • Can be used on a wide variety of devices with one build
  • Get live analytics and statistics

Bespoke Solution

Every organisation is unique and the way that a business communicates with teams, clients or customers is intrinsic to its personality. We pride ourselves on delivering AR solutions that fit with our clients brand and communications.

Augmented Reality

To learn more about how we can help bring augmented reality into your projects, please get in touch.