Purple Realtime Take Part in Project SWIFT

Rail travel is frustrating if you need to be Internet connected – wi-fi on trains is notoriously unreliable. In an age where we are used to a fast, stable connection, the current system of 3G/4G and an aerial on the roof just doesn’t cut it! So it’s great to hear that things are going to improve, not just a bit, but hugely.

ScotRail are introducing ‘the fastest in-train Wi-Fi service in the world’ on their services between Glasgow and Edinburgh – that’s Project SWIFT.  And when you have a fantastic world-beating facility like this on the way, it makes sense to make the most of the opportunities it offers.

So Innovation UK, working with Cisco, CGI, Network Rail Telecoms and Wittos, launched a competition, challenging entrants to create digital solutions that take advantage of this superfast connectivity. There were three categories:

  • destination marketing
  • disruption management
  • a wildcard category.

At Purple Realtime we love a challenge. We started brainstorming what we could offer – families, friends and colleagues were interrogated about their rail travel experiences – there wasn’t a lot positive said about the current in-train internet situation!

Turning Ideas into Reality

Our research identified one of the biggest frustrations for people travelling on trains – lack of clear communication. People want information, such as knowing how on time or how late the train is, how long delays may take to clear. That basic knowledge that makes your journey less stressful but which is pretty difficult to get hold of right now.

We opted to create a ‘wildcard’ digital solution delivers in-context information with instant service updates and notifications about their journey and, potentially, their destination.

Clearly we were on the right lines as we’ve made the final five!

You can read more about our Project SWIFT journey here.

The experience has been fantastic – collaborating with other start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises, developing a solution, carrying it forward to commercial development – it’s exactly the type of task we love getting our teeth into at Purple Realtime.

So wish us luck as we take our project to be considered – and if you have a project or idea that needs innovative, imaginative design and development – give us a call!